CT’Kids of Ladakh


CT’Kids aims are
to bring Literature and creative activities to fight over the urban kids aimless, idleness and boredom
to offer a social springboard through a place of attentive listening, of respect and consideration of each and everyone without any distinctions

We are a non-for-profit Library for the urban kids of Ladakh.
We are social springboard for all needed families.

We want our Library and actions to stay free of course for all, to avoid any social and economic discriminations, with the hope that more families will start needed process to raise themselves to a brighter future.
In that way we need the help and support of all to serve the others.

Together we can built a fair society.

Get in touch:

Tashi Thongmo
Choglamsar, 194101
UT Ladakh, INDIA
+91 9622165774

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We are uniting our resources around this challenge, and we are combining our resources and asks to make it easy for people to support their communities.

Last news

Fingers puppets

Kids done a fingers puppets workshop. They enjoyed it ☺️

New team

Colleges re-opened in Delhi, after almost 2 years. So Rinchen and Saima, our great staff, had to return to their studies. We warmly really thanks them for the amazing work done during their 3 months of service. We will miss them a lot. Thank you Rinchen and Saima. We wish you great studying time, flourishContinue reading “New team”

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