CT’Kids at the 1st Birds festival of Ladakh

CT’Kids has been invited to participate on the 1st Birds festival of Ladakh painting workshop.

Workshop has been conducted by the great Ladakhi artist, Mr Tashi Coa.

Our kids has got huge privileged to be able to participate at this painting workshop which has taken place at the Zen Ladakh Hotel, Skara.

Today was the 1st step. Mr Tashi made them working on their imagination and creativity. He asked them to make a sketch about Ladakh and it birds, a sketch with a story behind.

Morning has been busy with the sketch.

Afternoon, all of the participent came on the stage to share their story accordingly to their sketches.

We had been so surprised and proud to see that CT’Kids has been so confortable on stage speech! And that all of them had made and imaginated wonderful and meaningful stories.

Actually our CT’Kids are the youngest group. All other participants are above class 10th, our one are all below class 10th! But, they have been as much creative as elders ones. That why we are very proud of them.

Tomorrow will be a big day, as it is a competition. Each and every kids will have to colour a drawing of their imagination using acrylic paints. A bunch of Ladakhi artists will select the 3 best, based on creativity, imagination, skill.

Here we would like to thanks:

✓ Sir Anub who invited us to participate

✓ Sir Tashi Coa to drive the workshop

✓ The birds festival itself.

✓ The Zen Ladakh Hotel which guess the festival in its premises. And offer for all participants, refreshments and an amazing lunch in their Classic Restaurant. Thank you.

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Chispay Tolop Khang founder

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