New team

Colleges re-opened in Delhi, after almost 2 years. So Rinchen and Saima, our great staff, had to return to their studies. We warmly really thanks them for the amazing work done during their 3 months of service. We will miss them a lot. Thank you Rinchen and Saima. We wish you great studying time, flourish your knowledge and have wonderful future.

We are happy to introduce you our new team, Rewa and Otsal.

Otsal has been volunteering at CT’Kids the last 2 months. So we hire her as librarian, workshop teacher.

Rewa is new for us. She just finished her studies. We hope to be a nice opportunity for her to grow her skills. She is our manager.

Welcome to them two! ☺️☺️☺️

Rinchen , we will miss your active, smily mood!
Rinchen, and Saima front.
Saima we will miss you too, your sensitive and sweet character.
Bye bye photo. With Otsal, new librarian, and Rigzin angmo, our faithful volunteer
Deldan Josephine Rewa, our new manager, she also likes to interfere with the kids.

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