MeNstruATion HygiEnE with Miss Namgyal Angmo

9th October will ever stay in Chispay Tolop Khang memories! Our 1st social session. Miss Namgyal Angmo came to talk with our very young girls, few mothers and even 2 little boys, about menstruation hygiene and knowledge. Miss Namgyal Angmo is such a talented narrator! She captivated our heterocyclic audiance. Everybody was trapped in herContinue reading “MeNstruATion HygiEnE with Miss Namgyal Angmo”

Harsha’s workshop

Harsha is a great Indian illustrator for youth literature. We had met him during our week in Thiksay Educational Exchange Program. Harsha kindly proposed us to drive the 1st organized workshop at CT’Kids. It as been a big success, 20 children came! Harsha, first read them one of his books with help of video projectorContinue reading “Harsha’s workshop”